According to BYD's official sales data, BYD sold more than 200,000 vehicles in January, becoming the sales champion in China's new energy vehicle market. Looking back at the detailed data, BYD sold a total of 185,096 cars, divided into Dynasty series and Ocean series.


  In the Dynasty series, the best-selling model is the BYD Song (including Song Pro and Song MAX), with a total of 30,806 units sold. Followed by BYD Qin, sales were 21,767 units. Followed by BYD Yuan, with sales of 18,071 vehicles. BYD Han sales also exceeded 10,000 units, reaching 11,101 units. The sales volume of BYD Tang was 5,211 units.

  Among the Ocean series, Seagull is the best-selling model. A total of 36,447 units were sold in January, making it BYD's best-selling model that month. Song PLUS also performed well, with sales of 28,708 units, ranking second in the Ocean series. Dolphin sales were 18,905 units, ranking third. The sales volume of other marine series models are Seal (8347 units), Destroyer 05 (3450 units), Corvette 07 (1575 units) and e2 (700 units).


  In other respects, the Denza brand sold 9,068 units in January, of which D9 took the lead, with sales reaching 8,501 units. The sales volume of Denza N7 was 320 units and the sales volume of N8 was 247 units. Among the brands that look up to, the sales volume of the million-level luxury off-road vehicle U8 was 1,652 units. The sales volume of Fangbao's first car, Leopard 5, was 5,203 units.