In the top 25 sales of Russian cars in January 2024, Lada GRANTA, Lada VESTA, and Haval First Love were in the top 3. The most popular models in Russia in January 2024 were Xingyue L at 4th, Tiggo 7 at 10th, and Ideal L9 at 20th. The tank brand has been very popular since it was officially launched locally last year, and sales are getting better and better.


   Except for Russian local brand models, the remaining hot-selling cars are all Chinese brands. Haval, Geely, Chery, and Changan all performed well in sales. China's automobile industry has become increasingly prominent on the international stage, among which automobile trade cooperation exported to Russia has attracted much attention. As a country with vast market and potential, Russia provides important export opportunities for Chinese automobile manufacturers.

   In recent years, Chinese automobile brands have gradually emerged in the Russian market. Not only old brands such as Geely and Great Wall, but also emerging brands such as BMW Brilliance and Changan Automobile have joined the ranks of exporting to Russia. These car brands have won the favor of Russian consumers with their high cost performance, reliability and adaptability.

   The success of Chinese automobile exports to Russia benefits from the combined effect of many factors. First, Chinese automakers continue to improve product quality and technology to meet the needs of the Russian market. Secondly, the Chinese and Russian governments maintain close relations in trade and economic cooperation, creating a good policy environment and trade channels for automobile exports. In addition, the good reputation and brand image of Chinese automobile brands in the Russian market also provide strong support for their development in the local market.


   In the future, with the continuous deepening of economic cooperation between China and Russia and the continuous development of China's automobile industry, the prospects for Chinese automobile exports to Russia will be brighter. Chinese automakers will continue to increase investment in the Russian market, continuously launch products that meet the needs of local consumers, provide Russian consumers with more choices, and promote the further development of auto trade cooperation between the two countries.