Most recently Google developed Android Automotive, an operating system that can be found in new vehicles from General Motors, Polestar, Volvo, Honda, and soon BMW and Volkswagen Group.


  Since cars have a longer life expectancy than smartphones, and infotainment systems are now critical to the car's operation, how long those infotainment systems are supported is also very important.

  In this regard, Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO of CARIAD (Volkswagen Group's software division), said that they will provide "lifetime support" for the car software.

  So what is "Lifetime Support"? "15 years after the end of service, for those customers who want to have a brand with longer support, longer support," he said.

  Responding to Hilgenberg's claim, a CARIAD spokesperson said: "As a development services provider for the Volkswagen brand, CARIAD provides operational services, updates, upgrades and new releases as well as bug fixes and patches related to its hardware and software products. We Long-term support is generally provided for our hardware and software releases. In some cases, this may last up to 15 years after end of production (EOP) for hardware and 10 years after EOP for software releases. Additionally, We also adhere to legally mandated deadlines, for example, as soon as a feature is available, we provide cybersecurity and security updates and patches. Individual agreements may also be made with brands to meet the specific needs of their customers."